How Grounding Works?

"When I am grounded I am resetting my entire biological clock so that it is in harmony with universal, cosmic rhythms and that is the basis of healing." − Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Vitamin G − G for ground Just as we get vitamin D from the sun, the Earth provides us with energy from below, contributing significantly to our health. This energy is rooted in the presence of sub-atomic particles called electrons, which are continually replenished and activated by natural sources like sunlight and the Earth's core. These electrons vibrate at various frequencies and provide our land and oceans with a subtle negative charge.

Many people can actually sense this charge as a pleasant tingling or warmth in their feet when they walk outdoors. Think of it as a form of natural electricity, sometimes referred to as "vitamin G."

This planetary charge acts as a foundational force, keeping the bioelectric systems of life, both on land and in the sea, in harmonious balance. However, humans, unlike other creatures and our ancestors, have become disconnected from this natural energy source.

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