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How Grounding Works

"When I am grounded I am resetting my entire biological clock so that it is in harmony with universal, cosmic rhythms and that is the basis of healing." − Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Vitamin G − G for ground Just as we get vitamin D from the sun, the Earth provides us with energy from below, contributing significantly to our health. This energy is rooted in the presence of sub-atomic particles called electrons, which are continually replenished and activated by natural sources like sunlight and the Earth's core. These electrons vibrate at various frequencies and provide our land and oceans with a subtle negative charge.

Many people can actually sense this charge as a pleasant tingling or warmth in their feet when they walk outdoors. Think of it as a form of natural electricity, sometimes referred to as "vitamin G."

This planetary charge acts as a foundational force, keeping the bioelectric systems of life, both on land and in the sea, in harmonious balance. However, humans, unlike other creatures and our ancestors, have become disconnected from this natural energy source.

Why Humans are Disconnected In the past, our ancestors were naturally grounded by sleeping on animal hides and walking barefoot on the Earth's surface. However, modern society has disrupted this connection. We now sleep on elevated beds and live and work in high-rise buildings, well above the Earth's surface. Additionally, most of our shoes have synthetic soles, which block the flow of Earth's energy.

The advent of new technologies further isolates us from the Earth's energy. As a result, today's generations are deprived of this essential connection, leading to what can be described as a "vitamin G deficiency." This disconnection may well be a significant but overlooked factor contributing to the global epidemic of chronic illnesses, pain, and dysfunction.

Earthing Indoors Through years of research and ongoing experimentation, Clint Ober and his team have developed indoor Earthing systems to meet the growing demand from people who have experienced the "feel better" effects of Earthing. These systems are designed for use during sleep or while sitting indoors.

Indoor Earthing products are conductive and act as substitutes for being barefoot outdoors. They come with a wire that connects to the grounding system of a house or building, typically the ground port of an electrical outlet. This connection allows them to access the Earth's energy, known as "ground" or "earth" in the electrical world.

It's important to note that Earthing products do not run on electricity. When you plug the cord into an outlet, you are not connecting to electricity but to the Earth's grounding system, a safety feature built into modern structures.

Top-to-Bottom Benefits of Grounding When you are grounded, your body absorbs the Earth's electrons, which then spread throughout your body, influencing it from head to toe. Extensive research spanning over 20 years and numerous success stories from people worldwide provide compelling evidence that contact with the Earth offers significant health benefits. This connection is likened to receiving a crucial "nutrient" that can impact your overall well-being.

Just as our cities and appliances rely on a grounding system to operate efficiently, our bioelectric bodies benefit from being grounded. Every aspect of our body operates electrically, from the heart and brain to the immune system and hormonal regulation. Grounding synchronizes these electric functions, creating balance and promoting health.

Some Common Benefits of Grounding

  1. Reduces or eliminates chronic inflammation.
  2. Reduces or eliminates pain.
  3. Improves sleep quality.
  4. Enhances blood flow, providing essential oxygen and nutrients to the body.
  5. Increases vitality, leading to an improved sense of well-being.
  6. Reduces stress in the body.
  7. Alleviates hormonal and menstrual symptoms.
  8. Relieves muscle tension and headaches.
  9. Accelerates healing from trauma, injuries, and physical activities.
  10. Shields the body against potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

A Revival of a Forgotten Law of Nature Earthing is not a new concept but a revival of a timeless practice. It reminds us of our inherent connection to the Earth and the benefits of maintaining this connection. If you're skeptical, a simple experiment of grounding yourself by standing or walking with bare feet on natural surfaces can help you experience the benefits firsthand.

In summary, Earthing research is shedding light on the incredible healing energy of our planet. This research suggests that grounding, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, is a vital component of overall well-being and a potential missing link in the health equation. It offers a simple, natural, and safe way to improve your health and vitality.